About Chilcott’s

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Family butchers since 1933

Picture 1 About Chilcotts

David Chilcott – Sydney Butcher, Concord

Chilcott’s Butchery provides fine quality meats to the residents of Concord, Sydney, and beyond.

We have a fantastic selection of fresh:
Game and more.

We offer home delivery to many Sydney suburbs, just order online and you’ll receive fresh meat direct to your door with no delivery charge!

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Our history

The Chilcott family has a long and impressive history in the Australian Butchery business. David Chilcott is a fourth-generation butcher, son of well-known Concord butcher Ron Chilcott, who has been in the industry for over 48 years.

The Hunter’s Hill shop opened in March 2011 with the aim of providing a quality, friendly service to local inhabitants, and offering them the best possible selection of fresh Australian meats and poultry. In April 2015 David sold his Hunter’s Hill shop and moved back to work with his father at the Concord shop.

Picture 3 About Chilcotts

David Chilcott with his son Harry

Our philosophy

At Chilcott’s we pride ourselves on hand selecting every cut of meat to ensure great quality. We sell only the finest, freshest quality Australian meats and guarantee all our products are hormone- and chemical-free. So whether you’re hosting a dinner party, having a barbecue or celebration, we’re sure your guests will be impressed by the excellent quality that Chilcott’s has to offer.

We also believe in providing the very best service, whether it’s in store via our friendly staff, or through our home delivery service. We regularly update our blog with news, offers and recipes, so sign up to our email list for regular updates.