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Great quality Junee Gold lamb

lambribs 300x163 LambChilcott’s Butchery sells a fantastic selection of Junee Gold lamb products, everything from shanks to racks, legs, cutlets and more. Perfect for that Sunday lunch, a cosy winter meal or for a BBQ with friends.

Our great range of fresh lamb products includes:

  • Lamb Cutlets.
  • Lamb Racks.
  • Lamb Shanks.
  • Legs of Lamb.
  • Crumbed Lamb Cutlets.
  • Shoulder Roast.
  • Lamb Chump Chops.
  • Mint and Rosemary Lamb Chops.
  • Lamb Leg Chops.
  • Lamb Loin Chops.
  • Rolled Seasoned Lamb.

Also check out our range of tasty lamb sausages.

Australian lamb cutlets delivered – direct to your door

You can order fresh meat, direct to your door either via our online order form or by calling (02) 9743 2096. Read more about our delivery service.